Build documentation

Documentation build by sphinx and hosted on readthedocs service.

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To build documentation on local machine use virtualenv:

> cd docs
[docs]> virtualenv _venv
[docs]> source _venv/bin/activate
(_venv) [docs]> which pip

Install dependencies:

(_venv) [docs]> pip install -U pip
(_venv) [docs]> pip install -r requirements.txt

Build documentation:

(_venv) [docs]> mkdir _static # if not exists
(_venv) [docs]> sphinx-build -v -W . _build

Open index.html in browser:

(_venv) [docs]> ls _build/index.html

Run spell checker:

(_venv) [docs]> sphinx-build -b spelling . _spelling

Helper scripts

Alternatively you can use and scripts.

To initialize environment, build documentation and run spell checker at once:

> cd docs
[docs]> ./

Do the same and stay in environment:

> cd docs
[docs]> source ./
(_venv) [docs]> which pip
/.../docs/_venv/bin/pip will build documentation from scratch. This may be useful in case some HTML/CSS files stuck in temporary directory. To update documentation without deleting old files use script (which is usually much faster):

(_venv) [docs]> ./